Description of possible volunteer opportunities:

Media Center

The Media Center at Beattie Elementary is a busy place. Assist Mrs. Heckman by checking in books, helping students find the perfect book to check-out or assist with library resources. Mrs. Heckman will provide all training necessary.

Commitment: 1-2 hours/week

Room Parent

Help your child’s classroom celebrate the seasons by assisting in organizing the two yearly room parties – October and February. Typically several parents from each classroom communicate before the party to determine games and activities to be completed during the 1-hour party.

Commitment: 1-3 hours/semester

Fall Fundraiser Pick-up

Fall Fundraiser is an amazing source of income for the Beattie PTO. Help us on Fundraiser pick-up day. Join us in the cafeteria to help sort orders and assist parents in picking-up their fundraiser purchases. This is a well-organized event.

Commitment: 1-3 hours/year (November)

Fun Night

This fun-filled night is always in need of volunteers… from set-up to take-down, we have a job for you. Opportunities include: set-up (4-5:30pm), running a simple activity booth (5:15-7:45pm), or take down (7:30-8:00pm).

Commitment: 1-5 hours/year (September)

Scholastic Book Fair

Help students and parents find the perfect book to purchase. Opportunities include set-up, working the cash register during the event, and take-down. All training provided.

Commitment: 1-10 hours/year (February)

Movie Night

This simple but fun night needs volunteers to help make popcorn before the event and clean-up after the event.

Commitment: 1-2 hours/year (December)

After School Clubs

Beattie PTO helps coordinate three afterschool clubs – Sign Club, Maker’s Space and World Cultures. Help by providing an extra set of hands.

Commitment: 4-20 hours/year depending on club and availability

Garden Committee

Beattie is fortunate to have an amazing garden and plantings on the playgroud. Help this team of parents and teachers ensure this rich learning opportunity continues. Volunteers are needed to help maintain garden areas, serve on the committee and attend meetings.

Commitment: 5-20 hours/year

Staff Appreciation

Beattie PTO often organizes special events for our teachers and staff. From baking brownies to bringing the napkins, each bit helps!

Commitment: 1-2 hour as needed (be on the list to receive updates for events in need of volunteers)


Office Assistant:

Help office staff as needed with duties such as stuffing envelopes, labeling materials, etc.

Commitment: 1 hour or less weekly.